Introducing My Wife Nadia North

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take this time to let you know that Nadia North is my Wife and we just finished shooting an amazing movie together in 4K. And also let you know there will more to cum where i will be in each movie as well as my wife doing hot exciting, erotic things!



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New Announcement

We are in the process of preparing to shoot one live scene a week, that will be free to the members. If things go smooth, we will possible start shooting more than one live show a week. My production team is making the necessary preparations and we should be good to go soon! 🙂

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Hello Everyone!!!

This is Peter North finally taking time from my hectic schedule of production and traveling to get involved personally on my site. First of all, i want to Thank all of my members for joining and coming aboard. New things are happening as you may have already noticed. I am shooting a number of new series ” Young Chicks Love Big Dicks” which is a big dick series. We have a new MILF series that will be up on the site very soon called “MILF`s Like It Harder” with some of the hottest MILF`s getting banged good! Also, i am about to start shooting a Big Tit series. What i am going to be doing with all these new series and existing series is to shoot some anal scenes for you anal lovers and some cream pie scenes for the people who like that. For the big dick series, we have at least six well endowed guys and we also have another guy who contacted us wanting to get into the business, who has almost 10 inches. So, basically i want to give you some more variety of things to enjoy. I have a special ongoing treat for my members only that is free of course, i will announce next week on my weekly blog! I would love some feedback from you whether it is positive or negative, so i can strive to make my site better…after all it is for you! 🙂 Let me know if there is a hot girl we don`t have on the site and should have on here! Any ideas or suggestions would be good. Your input is valuable to me!! Take Care


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Some new pics of one of my cars with a few mods done. Some of the pics were taken of the car when it was  in the Sema car show Nov. 2010. One was taken on location for a shoot with Bree Olson. And a few were taken by Evosport who worked on my car. Also had a few close-ups of the carbon fiber diffuser and carbon fiber in the engine compartment.

On location for a shoot with Bree Olson

Sema car show Nov. 2010

Carbon fiber in the engine compartment

Carbon fiber diffuser

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